Services We Provide

Gas, electric and wood fireplace installation

  • We're fully qualified to install and maintain every aspect of your new fireplace enclosure.
  • We're ready to address any contingency created by your room's architecture or your home's incoming utility.
    • we protect your room and furnishings before we start
    • we professionally run and install secured gas lines and key valves
    • we professionally and safely run dedicated, grounded electrical wiring
    • we do all the framing and wall-work, be it drywall, metal, stone or wood
    • we can work around, modify or reinstall your mantels to make your new fireplace an organic part of the room 

Vent inspection and service

  • Most direct vent system manufacturers recommend yearly inspection and cleaning to ensure safe operation
    • we tarp and protect the work area, carefully removing the glass, facing and logs
    • we check all burners and connections to the gas lines
    • we clean the pilot assembly, the burners, logs, firebox and glass, and install new remote control batteries if needed
    • we reinstall all the elements, test and adjust everything to ensure maximum safety and performance
    • we offer different levels of service programs from Fall Checkups to Major Tune Ups

Existing fireplace enclosure service

  • If you have questions about how you can make your existing fireplace more efficient or more beautiful, give us a call.
  • If you're concerned about the safety of your gas lines, let us have a look.
  • We offer the following services:
    • rain caps, custom and stock, copper, black and stainless steel
    • energy dampers
    • air-tight glass enclosures

Gas grill service

  • We clean, adjust and repair most sluggish gas grills on the market, with emphasis on even heat distribution, high heat output.  In other words, maximum performance.  
  • When purchasing a new grill, we can also cart your old grill away.

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