Eco-Flame is an environmentally friendly open fireplace, fueled by renewable modern energy, which allows it to burn cleanly and is virtually maintenance free.

A compact fireplace insert made of black powder coated steel between two tempered glass panels.
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A combination of steel, glass and wood, the Sono eco-flame allows viewing enjoyment from either side of the fireplace.
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Featuring double-sided glass, the body is made of solid oak in an "L" shape design that provides elegance to any living room.
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Featuring a cutting-edge, contemporary style, the Antracite fireplace is a stunning fireplace that burns cleanly.
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This wall mounted eco-flame fireplace showcases pure, clean burning flames behind a steel and glass shield idea for smaller living spaces.
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Eco-Flame Fireplace - Fireplaces Plus
The most universal Planika fireplace, as its' stone base blends with your interior and adds an earthy feel.
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This minimalist fireplace adds a high-tech flair to your home, indoors or outdoors.
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This transparent glass cylinder stands on three glass legs, adding a distinguishing fireplace to your home, indoors or outdoors.
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Apollo Planika Fires By Fireplaces Plus
Jar Commerce
The Jar Commerce is a versatile combination of fire, concrete and glass featuring Glassfire Technology.
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Glassfire Technology By Fireplace Plus
Fire Coffee Long
The Fire Coffee Long is a coffee table on one side and a beautiful fire on the other.
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Totem Commerce
The Totem Commerce features Glassfire Technology allowing for extended burning time, up to seven hours. 
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Hot Chocolate
The Hot Chocolate fireplace provides a warm ambience to any room with its' centrally placed fire and teardrop opening.
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The Groundfloor is a piece of furniture that serves two functions, coffee table and strikingly beautiful fireplace.
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The Expresione is a wall-mounted fireplace featuring black glass with an aluminum frame.
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Planika Flames Expresione By Fireplaces Plus
The L-Shape fireplace is a stunning, uniquely designed piece of furniture for your home.
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Fire Coffee
The Fire Coffee features a wide base with a glass surface, creating a unique coffee table.
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The Bubble is a movable, eye-catching fireplace perfect for indoor or outdoor contemporary settings.
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The Reflexo is a wall-mounted fireplace enclosed in a steel frame with steel mirrors placed inside for dynamic looking flames.
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Fire Rondo Automatic
The Fire Rondo Automatic is a contemporary, remote controlled fireplace perfect for indoor application.
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Fire Line
The Fire Line is a simple and minimalistic way to showcase flames for your indoor space.
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